The Story Behind Rock The Nation

It all started with 4 guys.  They all had different backgrounds.  They had all been in bands before playing all different types of music.  The one thing they had in common was a love for the band KISS and the desire to put together a tribute band to pay homage to their heroes.   Regardless of the reason for being there, they all agreed on one thing; it was about the music.  Playing the best possible version of all those classic KISS songs while putting on the best possible show that they could for the fans at each venue.

They began getting together in a studio in Philadelphia.  Gradually, the pieces came together. They worked on the songs and started getting the authentic live KISS sound down.  Then, they started doing shows and the reaction of the crowd was amazing.  People jammed and sang along to the classic ALIVE era songs and the girls danced to all the popular hits from the 70's and 80's.  People came to the shows dressed in KISS makeup and apparel creating an atmosphere full of energy that inspired both  the crowd and the performance of the band.

There are many KISS tribute bands out there, but this band would be different.  This band decided it was all about attitude.  Whether the venue was a large community theater or a small, corner tavern, they were going to bring that attitude to each concert and give a great performance at every show. They didn't want to limit themselves or their audience to only certain era songs, so they decided to play all of everyone's favorite classic KISS songs regardless of the era they were from.  The addition of lights, sound effects, fog machines and simulated pyrotechnics made the audience feel they were at a real KISS concert regardless of the size of the venue.

Whether you are a lifelong KISS enthusiast or just a casual fan, you need to come see these guys, experience the show and hear all those great KISS songs the way they were meant to be heard ... Alive and in your Face with makeup!  

Check the schedule below for shows near you! 

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Show Schedule - Come See Us Live!

10/2/15 - Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE       

10/24/15 - The Brewery, State College, PA

11/20/15 - The Peanut Bar, Royersford, PA

12/19/15 - The Grape Room, Philadelphia, PA

1/9/16 - Lyrics, Carbondale, PA       

2/6/16 - Mojo 13, Wilmington, DE

4/2/16 - The Brewery, State College, PA

5/27/16 - Private Party

7/26/16 -  The Lakeshore Inn,  Hewitt, NJ

9/10/16 -  The Grape Room, Philadelphia, PA

9/24/16 - Jimmy D's Blues Saloon, North Bergen, NJ

10/15/16 - Jason's Woods, Lancaster, PA

10/29/16 - The Grape Room, Philadelphia, PA

11/12/16 - The Brewery, State College, PA

12/31/16 - Lakeshore Inn New Year's Eve Bash, Hewitt, NJ

1/21/17 - Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

3/11/17 - Bar XIII, Wilmington, DE          *** Video Shoot Party and Free Concert ***

4/22/17 - Steeplechase Beer Garden, Coney Island, NY

5/13/17 - The Grape Room, Philadelphia, PA 

6/3/17 - Tavern on Ridge , Philadelphia, PA

9/30/17 - Jason's Woods, Lancaster, PA

10/7/17 - Arlene's Grocery, New York, NY

10/21/17 - Tavern on Ridge , Philadelphia, PA

10/27/17 - Oak Ale House, Maywood, PA       

7/14/18 - Broken Goblet Brewing, Bristol, PA    "Gobletstock 4"

10/27/18 - Archie's Big Heads, Hatboro, PA   ** Halloween Party **

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